Accredited by the UK MTM Association

Pace Rating requires professional judgement by trained analysts, to be made on the pace that work tasks are performed.

The ReTime pace rating clinic is designed so work study analysts who have previously undertaken pace rating training can check the consistency and accuracy of their ratings, and renew their annual certification.

The Pace Rating Clinic assessment is made up of 10 films that you will be required to pace rate and record your rating on the scale provided. Each of the 10 films is made up of 20 short clips

Before starting your Pace Rating Clinic Assessment, you will complete a practise rating. Once completed we will show you the correct rating for each clip. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with the assessment format and help you gauge how closely your pace rating is to the standard before undertaking the formal assessment.

When you have submitted ratings for all 10 of the films in your assessment, we will provide you with your score. If you have achieved the required standard, you will be able to download your certificate to your device. If you have not been successful, you will be able to retake your assessment twice more time within 28 days of purchase.

£255 inc VAT

This Pace Rating Clinic is certified by the UK Methods-Time Measurement Association (MTM). The UK MTM Association was founded in 1964 and works with other MTM Associations worldwide to maintain professional standards in methods-time measurement.


  • Refresh your performance rating qualification online when and where it’s convenient for you
  • Download your certificate and keep a record in the online learning system so you can always find the proof you need.