Work Study Measurement & Analysis apps
from ReThink Productivity


ReTime is a flexible work study app designed by analysts to overcome software limitations experienced every day while capturing and analysing Work Study data.

As productivity experts we knew the process of downloading results, calculating SMVs and creating productivity insights could be made much quicker and smarter. So, with the insights and suggestions from work study analysts, ReThink created ReTime.

Need to update your
Pace Rating qualification?

With ReTime’s online Pace Rating Clinic you can easily refresh your pace rating. There’s no need to take time out and travel to a course.

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Need help with
your work study?

If you’re not a work study analyst and need some support for your work study, ReThink can provide the experts you need.

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The Labour
Budget Model

We build budget models to take your business rules, volume data and SMV task times to create your salary and/or workload model.

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The key benefits

As productivity experts we know that time is everything

Cloud based solution – all files and information stored in one place

Capture notes and photographs in the app without breaking off from the study

Instantly review data captured via live dashboard or Excel export

EE ReTime User Feedback...

“ReTime is invaluable in ensuring we capture accurate timings for our labour model. Efficiency gains and improved accuracy when capturing data was instant”

Jim Hale, Resource & Planning Professional

We're experts in productivity...

“ReThink showed us that we could make improvements across all of our stores – not just to boost productivity, but to also enhance customer experience."