Data Management & Analysis

Set up your studies, access your results and leverage our inbuilt analytics to manage your studies and minimise analysis time.

EE ReTime User Feedback...

“ReTime is invaluable in ensuring we capture accurate timings for our labour model. Efficiency gains and improved accuracy when capturing data was instant”

Jim Hale, Resource & Planning Professional

Set up

ReTime’s content management system is designed to make it easy to set up your studies and share them with your work study analyst team.

The app takes you through logical steps for each study type so that it’s simple for the work study analysts to select the elements, roles, areas etc they need to record their study data.

Getting the set up right makes it easy for the app to automatically calculate the outputs you require.

Our manual provides step by step guidance for first time use and a handy reminder ongoing.


Data management

Our cloud-based system makes it easy for you to download the ReTime app to multiple android devices and access your studies with ease.

Once you have synced the study you can capture data both on and offline – if working offline your data will sync the next time you have an internet connection.

The screen flow is designed to ensure you capture everything you need, including make notes and capturing a photo while you’re studying.


ReTime saves you up to 100% of analysis time versus other software. ReTime auto calculates your SMVs and produces standard Efficiency study (RAS) value analysis real time.

Use the content management systems (CMS) to review or cleanse your data, or export to an excel spreadsheet.

Efficiency study (RAS) results can be benchmarked versus our industry data set providing you with useful context and an indication of opportunities to improve your productivity performance.